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Patrick James is a young Irish writer with over twenty five years’ experience of penning poetry and short stories. He has been published in a number of journals and anthologies in Ireland and abroad, as well as his first collection of poetry, which he has recently launched, with a distinctly Irish theme. Patrick has an interest in many forms of the arts, which includes previously appearing in a number of TV productions and on the Gaiety stage and painting, which he has sold in exhibitions. He continues to write, as well as practising Krav Maga and perfecting his computer skills. .

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Patrick James has been writing poetry since the age of four, when he started to experiment with words and use crayons for writing instead of drawing. His poems have been published internationally, featuring a wide range of subject-matter, many of his poems discussing contemporary and historical Irish themes. His poetry is both modern and traditional, thought-provoking and soothing, which can be re-visited time and time again, with a new perspective being presented to the reader on each occasion for fresh reflection.

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