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What’s in a word?

Whether it is Verbomania or Typomania, a love of words is nothing new for writers… but what about a mania to do with words? Here’s a list of Wordy Manias for all you Lalomaniacs!

Some intriguing word!

coprolalomania: the use of foul language

graphomania: morbid desire for writing

hellenomania: using cumbersome Greek or Latin terms instead of readily understandable English words

klazomania: compulsory shouting

lalomania: abnormal interest in speech

logomania (or logomonomania): overtalkativeness

metromania: mania for writing words

onomatomania: mental derangement with regard to words (inability to recall a certain word, attaching special significance to a word, and so forth)

scribblemania (or scribbleomania): mania for scribbling

scribomania: writing a long succession of unconnected words

typomania: mania for writing for publication

verbomania: morbid talkativeness

So how many of these described the writer in you? For fun, next time you sit down to write, see how many of these you can use in your writing and let me know how you get on.

post by Patrick James

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